Combination Stop/Tail/Turn Lamps

Grote introduces LED lamp family that combines S/T/T and Back-up functions in one compact fixture.

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Grote introduces a family of LED 6 in. oval and 4 in. round Stop/Tail/Turn lamps, each equipped with an LED built-in back-up lamp.

  • ‘Two-in-one’ designs combine dual functions using long-life LED technology
  • Designs provide new mounting options and benefits to fleets, OEM designers, and inventory managers over a wide range of vehicle types
  • Combining S/S/T and back-up functions allow elimination of  two holes and two lamps at the rear of straight, vocational and specialized vehicles
  • Eliminate the need for separate back-up lamps on HD power modules
  • Saves time and money in installation and inventory costs
  • Eliminates potential leaks in vehicles, improves structural integrity and corrosion resistance
  • Leaves more room for other lamps and controls, as well as lift gates, emergency flashers, and grab rails
  • Fit existing 6 in. oval and 4 in. round grommets and flanges
  • 6 in. oval design incorporates separate connections for each function, allowing the use of existing harness designs
  • 6 in. oval retains FMVSS 108-compliance, regardless of mounting angle
  • Thin profile design minimizes damage from external impact; fits in shallow depth pillar locations
  • Companion S/T/T lamps without back-up function also available
  • Oval lamps available April/May, 2014; round styles available Q3 2014
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