LumenX LED S/T/T with Integrated Back-Up Lamp

Peterson Manufacturing has added a stop, tail, turn light with an integrated back-up light to its LumenX LED line.

Petersonmfg Lumenxsttwithbacku 11355327

Peterson Manufacturing has expanded its LumenX LED line with an S/T/T light featuring an integrated back-up lamp, offering a 2-in-1 lighting concept.

  • Features embedded small white lens within the main red LumenX lens, allowing one of the seven diodes to provide DOT-legal back-up functionality 
  • Includes latest white-diode LED technology
  • Fully illuminates entire lens, eliminating “hot spots” or “dead zones” regardless of viewing angle
  • Available in standard 4 in. round and 6 in. oval footprints, with grommet or flange mounting options
  • Meets DOT requirements in any orientation when used in pairs
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