4-Inch Square Work Light

The 4-inch Square LED work light produces up to 4,000 lumen and is ruggedly designed for heavy-duty applications.

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Super Bright LEDs Inc. introduces a 4-inch square work light that produces an outstanding 4,000 lumen.

  • Features rugged design with advanced oversized heatsink for use in heavy-duty applications
  • Includes 4 to 10W CREE high-efficacy LEDs producing 4,000 lumens
  • Compactly designed, measuring 4.1 in. H x 4.1 in. W x 2.76 in. D for use on vehicles and equipment with limited space
  • Features a wide operating voltage range of 9 to 50V DC suitable for a variety of vehicles
  • Operating current is 3.35 Amps at 12V DC and 1.36 Amps at 24V DC
  • Total power consumption of only 30 Watts
  • Beam is distributed through a specially diffused lens to create a 60 degree light pattern
  • IP68 sealing provides watertight, dust proof protection, and ensures ability to withstand scratches, pressure washing and harsh weather
  • Heavy-duty 6063 aluminum housing protects against shock and workplace abuse
  • Polycarbonate lens is resistant to scratching, and is virtually unbreakable
  • Delivers 6000K white light which mimics daylight to reduce eye and operator fatigue
  • Includes 304 stainless steel universal pedestal mount and hardware
  • Features industry standard sealed waterproof Deutsch DT connector
  • Operating temperature -40 to 85 C
  • Over and reverse voltage protected
  • Protected against RFI/EMC interference
  • Integrated constant current driver maintains a specified current, regardless of the applied voltage, keeping the LED brightness constant across that voltage range
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