Golight GXL 4021 Fixed-Position LED Work Light

Golight's GXL 4021 fixed-position LED work light includes 16 total LEDs packaged in a space-saving "LED cluster" design which combines four clusters of four LEDs.

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Golight Inc. introduces its sturdy model GXL 4021 fixed-position LED work light.

  • Fascia measures just 4-1/2 in. wide by 4 in. tall, has a depth of only 3-1/2 in.
  • Comes with a 2-inch stainless steel mounting bracket
  • Permanently mounted and manually adjustable
  • Small size and illumination power a byproduct of space-saving “LED cluster” design, combining four clusters of four high-powered LEDs to generate a maximum output of 4,500 lumens
  • All 16 LEDs are controlled through the use of three rugged yet versatile polycarbonate lenses
  • Changing lenses is easy and users can switch between spot, flood and combination spot/flood lenses as the need arises
  • Small format makes it easy to mount virtually anywhere on a vehicle
  • Hardened aluminum housing is ultra-resilient and combines with solid-state electronics to provide super-duty service with an impact g-force survivability rating of 40 Gs
  • Delivers light that closely approximates the color temperature of sunlight and has a service rating in the range of 30,000 hours
  • Provides 12V operation, drawing only 4.2 amps of power
  • Features over-voltage and reverse polarity protection 
  • Standard package includes an LED work light with a flood lens, a 12-inch wire lead with DT connector and a stainless steel mounting bracket
  • Accessory package 4081 includes a spot lens, accessory package 4082 includes a flood lens and accessory package 4083 includes a combination spot/flood lens





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