Super Bright LEDs 10 Watt Mini LED Auxiliary Lights

The 10 watt mini LED auxiliary lights from Super Bright LEDs emit 900 lumens of cool white light and produces a range of beam patterns.

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Super Bright LEDs offers 10 ­watt mini LED auxiliary lights that are designed to deliver big illumination in a small 2-­in. square package.

  • Black or white powder coated modular design
  • Available with several beam patterns for many uses, including off­-road lighting, work lights, industrial lighting, mining lights, tractor lights and more
  • Features single Cree XM­L LED light
  • Emits 900 lumens of cool white illumination and produces a 10-­, 30-­, 60-­ or 120-­degree beam pattern
  • Energy ­efficient, consuming 10 watts of power
  • Operates within wide 9­50V DC range
  • Waterproof, shock resistant and fully submersible via IP68 ­rating 
  • Die cast aluminum housings and shatterproof polycarbonate lenses protect internal components
  • LED­ cooling heat sink allows for long life span
  • Adjustable stainless steel mounting brackets allow fixtures to be aimed up or down, and hardware is included for linking to additional 2-­in. auxiliary lights


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