Nordic Sculptor LED N60XX QD LED Combination Headlight

Nordic Lights' Sculptor LED N60XX QD LED combination headlight is an all-in-one headlight, parking light and 180-degree indicator with a light output of 1,300 lumens.

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Finnish work light producer Nordic Lights has introduced the world’s first all LED, ECE approved combination headlight in serial production, the Nordic Sculptor LED N60XX QD. 

  • Developed for use in the most demanding work environments around the world
  • Offers headlight, parking light and 180-degree indicator in one application
  • Features compact dimensions of 233 mm x 161 mm x 134 mm
  • Universal design makes it a suitable option for equipment with shorter production series
  • Integrated Nordic Lights' Quake dampening system for robust design
  • Withstands shocks of 60G and vibration of 15.3 Grms at 24-2,000 Hz
  • LED diodes offer higher vibration resistance compared to halogen bulbs
  • Maintenance-free design which matches life cycle of the machinery
  • Runs on input voltage between 12 and 24V with low power consumption of 22 W
  • Produces light output of 1,300 lumens at light source and over 600 lumen on the road
  • Color temperature of 5,700 K, making it easier to detect obstacles in the dark without straining eyes
  • Illumination is brighter compared to halogen lights
  • Cooling is handled by thermal transfer through alloy housing to cooling lamellas at the back
  • Operational temperature range is from -40-85 C
  • Highly sealed and withstands dust, water and salt spray
  • Complies with electromagnetic compatibility requirements (EMC) of R10, ISO 7637-2, ISO 14982, ISO 13766, EN12895 and CISPR 25 Class 3
  • Fulfills UN R112 Class B regulations
  • Available in two versions, N6001 for rear mount and N6002 for pedestral or pendant mount, as well as in both right- and left-hand traffic versions



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