HELLA LED Light Bar 350

The HELLA LED Light Bar 350 features 12 high-performance LEDs producing 145,000-candela at a low power consumption rate of 25W.

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HELLA Inc. introduces the HELLA LED Light Bar 350.

  • Combines powerful LED lighting with a sleek, aerodynamic low profile, low weight and thermally conductive polymer body
  • Incorporates 12 durable, high-performance automotive grade LEDs that produce 145,000-candela power at a very low power consumption of just 25W
  • Housing is injection molded from a ceramic-based polymer that is highly resistant to corrosion, is extremely lightweight, and protects the LEDs from overheating by excellent thermal management
  • Weighs only 1.5 lbs.
  • Hermetically sealed and submersible light bar incorporates a Multivolt circuit for optimum brightness at input voltages from 9-33V
  • Housings feature stainless steel brackets that allow flexible positioning to meet wide range of customer preferences
  • Available in four beam patterns configurations, including: Driving Beam, Pencil Beam, Wide Beam and Narrow Beam
  • Multiple beam configurations allow use for long-range, off-road, truck, ATV, UTV and SUV applications
  • Driving and the Pencil Beam versions are ECE approved, which makes them street legal in Canada and Central and South America (check local requirements)
  • Off-road usage only in the USA for all versions
  • Dual light bar bracket which is suitable for mounting two light bars is available 


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