Optronics Expands LED Light Bar Family with New Lengths, Beam Intensities

Optronics has introduced five new LED Light Bars which include two 3-in. cubes, a 9-in. bar, a 30-in. bar with supplemental turn functions, and a 52-in. bar with a 20,000-lumen beam.

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Optronics International, a leading manufacturer and supplier of heavy-duty LED vehicle lighting, announces the introduction of five new LED Light Bars, increasing the product line to eight. The new lamps include two 3-in. cubes, a 9-in. bar, a 30-in. bar with supplemental turn functions and a 52-in. bar with a whopping 20,000-lumen beam. With the exception of the 30-in. multifunction lamp, all other LED Light Bars in the family feature a combination spot/flood beam pattern.

As with Optronics’ original LED Light Bars, the new lamps can be used for scene lighting and a vast array of auxiliary lighting applications. With a broad variety of sizes and outputs ranging from 1,800-20,000 lumens, there is sure to be an Optronics’ LED Light Bar that fits almost any space and need.

“Originally introduced in 2017, our LED Light Bar product line had the industry’s first lifetime warranty and an extremely competitive price point,” says Brett Johnson, President and CEO of Optronics International. “Now we have one of the broadest and most flexible lines as well, and we’ve retained our unique no-hassles warranty and low-price, high-value product positioning strategy.”

All eight lamps in the family are designed for robust service duty in a variety of harsh environments. Each of the lamps carries an IP65 rating for dust and water resistance, and each comes with Optronics’ no-hassle, one-diode lifetime warranty, which includes a full lamp replacement if even one diode fails.

Like most other Optronics LED lighting, all LED Light Bars are designed with tough, impact-resistant polycarbonate lenses that reduce dust adhesion. Seven of the lamps feature die-cast aluminum housing and mounting brackets and come with stainless steel hardware, and the 30-in. lamp with its auxiliary turn function, includes an adjustable stainless steel sliding bracket.

Three of the new lamps are designed for both 12 and 24V electrical systems and the two 3-in. cubes work exclusively with 12V systems. Four lamps are hardwired with 16-in. leads and the 30-in. lamp comes with 24-in. leads.

In conjunction with the new LED Light Bar product launch, Optronics has also upgraded its product merchandising. Distributors will be impressed by stunning new retail packaging and displays that will make the entire LED Light Bar family hard to ignore.

“Optronics is an industry leader in the retail merchandising of vehicle lighting,” Johnson says. “But this latest upgrade won’t alter the price to our distributors.”

To help meet lighting requirements in many states, new neoprene LED Light Bar covers will soon be available for the entire family of lamps. Optronics will also be offering a new wiring accessory switch kit that will add operational convenience.