Hamsar Diversco XWL-812 Dual Intensity Work Light

Hamsar Diversco's XWL-812 Dual Intensity work light can easily be switched from normal output, offering 1,500 Lumens, to the high output setting providing 3,000 Lumens.

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Hamsar Diversco Inc.(HDI) has introduced the XWL-812 Dual Intensity work light.

  • Robust and compact design (measures 4 in. x 4 in.)
  • Includes two power output capabilities
  • Base or normal output is 1,500 Lumens, and high output of 3,000 Lumens
  • Can easily be switched to high output when extra light is needed, delivering 100% more illumination 
  • Supported by constant current circuit draw, light output will not dim even if voltage fluctuates
  • LED service life is maintained with a built-in Electronic Thermal Management System which monitors and self regulates LED lamp case temperature to prevent overheating
  • Built-in Spread Spectrum Frequency Modulation reduces overall noise effect and interference with radios operating on FM or AM frequency
  • Housed in die-cast aluminum and has a polycarbonate lens, making it virtually unbreakable
  • Operates at 12-24V
  • Available with Tyco or Deutsch connectors
  • IP68 and IP69K sealed for dust protection and waterproof to 2 m with the ability to resist ingress of water pressure
  • Well suited for mining, construction, agriculture, military, and other off-road applications


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