ECCO LED Interior Lighting

ECCO has introduced a line of interior lighting products utilizing LED technology available in brightness levels of 50-4,900 lumens.

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ESG (ECCO Safety Group) introduces a comprehensive range of interior lighting products, which includes dome lights, flat panels and self-adhesive strips.

  • Provides cohesive, aesthetically appealing and high-end product range
  • High-quality LED lighting
  • Majority of products require only two to four screws, have only two wires and can be installed just about anywhere within vehicle
  • Features variety of lengths and brightness (from 50-4,900 raw lumens)
  • EW0351 model offers modular design allowing up to four units to be connected, creating a 56 in. (142.24 cm) long strip light
  • EW0100 Series self-adhesive strip lighting products are suited for illuminating lockers, luggage racking or anywhere compact that needs to be well lit
  • EW0100 Series available in pre-configured lengths and with cable leads at each end allowing multiple units to be easily daisy-chained together
  • EW0100 Series' passive infrared sensor accessory is also available to eliminate need to physically turn lights on
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