Hella Ultra Beam LED Gen. II Worklights

At CONEXPO 2017, Hella will exhibit the second generation of its Ultra Beam LED worklights featuring ZEROGLARE which aims light towards the ground to not distract oncoming drivers.

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Hellainc 10055527

HELLA has introduced a light-optimized second generation of its LED Ultra Beam range of worklights.

  • Features higher light output of 4,000 lumens
  • Offers low power consumption, durability and minimal maintenance
  • Produces light color very close to daylight, which prevents fatigue and allows switching low-beam lights on/off under various lighting conditions and in specific situations such as in tunnels
  • Can be used for close-range and long-range illumination
  • Available with ZEROGLARE light distribution
  • ZEROGLARE specifically aims light from LEDs towards the ground in front of vehicle, creating clear-cut boundary between light and dark to not distract drivers of oncoming vehicles
  • Version for mining industry, Mining RokLUME 280 Series, includes impact-resistant hard-coated polycarbonate lens and anti-corrosion aluminum housing

RokLUME 280

  • Heavy-duty stainless steel bracket and rubber dampening system provide vibration resistance
  • Electronic components fulfill statutory approvals including ECE-R10 and RCM compliance
  • Features advanced NanoSafe non-stick and easy to clean surface coating
  • Nord-Lock washers and laser engraved inclination angles on bracket enable quick mounting
  • Light output of 4,300 measured lumens
  • Comes with five different light distributions including ZEROGLARE optic
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