At bauma 2019, TYRI will exhibit its INTELLilight which is interconnected via Bluetooth into a closed network within a vehicle.

Tyri Intel Lilight
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TYRI has launched the heavy vehicle lighting system INTELLilight, an intelligent lighting system which works on a similar principle to a wireless mesh network.

  • Interconnected via Bluetooth in a closed network which is integrated with vehicle
  • Easily controlled via an app (iOS and Android)
  • Lights are zoned according to work situation, external circumstances, and current user
  • All information is saved 
  • Can easily dim lighting and adjust color temperature from warm yellow light to cold blue light
  • Integrating sensors into system increases operator comfort by ensuring lights perform desired actions in different situations, such as dimming the light when vehicle’s own lighting dazzles operator, or when passing another vehicle 
  • Radio-controlled system allows lights to be switched on and off from a distance for increased safety
  • Developed to cope with demanding work done by heavy vehicles and tackle many of the challenges associated with lighting in tough conditions
  • Deters theft by requiring each light to be connected to closed network in order to function
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