Optronics Opti-Brite Diamond Series LED Interior Lamps

Optronics’ new Opti-Brite Diamond Series LED Interior Lamps include memory features, motion detection and variable intensity.

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Optronics International has unveiled the Opti-Brite Diamond Series LED Interior Lamps.

  • Thin, surface-mount lamps
  • Dimmable and able to remember previous intensity settings
  • Designed for broad interior application flexibility
  • Can be wired to operate manually or use passive infrared sensors (PIR) to automatically illuminate in the presence of human movement 
  • Includes daylight LEDs that emit light within the color temperature range of natural sunlight
  • Measures 0.5 in. (1.3 cm) thick 
  • Can be installed on ceilings, in compartments, under cabinets and virtually anywhere else light is needed inside a vehicle 
  • Available in two sizes
  • 66-LED model ILL02 measures 13.5 in. (34.3 cm) and outputs 2,000 lumens
  • 36-LED model ILL03 measures 6.7 in. (17 cm) and delivers 1,500 lumen output
  • Snap-on trim rings are available for both models and come in white, black and chrome finishes 
  • Four activation options are available
  • Users can choose SmartTouch with its dimming and memory feature, PIR with its infrared motion-sensing feature, a manual on and off switch or a no-switch design 
  • SmartTouch feature gives users an integrated, centrally located touch switch for on, off and dimming functions
  • Once dimmed to the desired level, the lamp can be cycled on and off while remembering its last brightness setting. 
  • Installation of the lamps is easy, requiring just two fasteners
  • Accommodates both 12 and 24V vehicle electrical systems  
  • Lamps, lenses and housings are made of tough polycarbonate material that is sonically welded
  • Lamps employ solid-state, surface-mount device (SMD) design that protects electronics against moisture, shock and vibration
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