New HELLA Lighting Solutions Increase Safety in Mining Industry

The LED warning light RokLUME S700 Red with VISIOTECH projection technology provides clear identification of danger zones.

Hellainc 10055527

The automotive supplier HELLA presented special lighting and electronic solutions for mining vehicles at bauma in Munich, the world's leading trade show for the construction machinery and mining industry, held from April 8-14, 2019.  

In the mining industry, safety plays a key role when navigating vehicles and in the work area. Hazard zones must be optically marked or demarcated at any time as required in order to be able to warn and protect the surrounding area in good time. HELLA developed the VISIOTECH projection technology in order to facilitate communication by using light. Especially for mining vehicles, the company has designed the LED warning light RokLUME S700 Red, which projects a wide red marking on the ground. Thanks to its powerful light output, the warning light can also be used on vehicles with high mounting positions and is therefore particularly suitable for mining vehicles. 


Worklights such as the RokLUME 380 and RokLUME 280 also increase safety in everyday working life. The former has a luminous efficiency of up to 7,800 lumens. This is more than three times as much light as a comparable xenon headlight brings to the work surface. The light output of the RokLUME 280 is measured at up to 4,400 lumens. Its color temperature of 5,000 Kelvin is also very similar to daylight. This markedly improves the driver’s ability to concentrate, because it is less fatiguing to the human eye. The worklights also have various illumination variants, including ZEROGLARE. It specifically aims the LED light onto the area in front of the vehicle, creating a very clear cut-off line. This also means that drivers of oncoming vehicles won't be blinded. DuraRAY 4.0DuraRAY 4.0

HELLA also has the DuraRAY 4.0 beacon in its range, allowing quick recognition for other vehicles and giving optimum warning. The LED warning light was specially developed for tough use in mines. It has twice the warning effect as conventional beacons and can therefore be used in both open-cast and underground mining. The user can also switch between flashing and rotating lighting functions. The beacon is also available in various colors (yellow, red, blue, green, and white) and in various surface-mounted versions. This gives customers the greatest possible flexibility for every requirement.