Grote Industries 90 mm LED Headlamps

The new 90 mm LED headlamps are durably designed for use in heavy-duty on- and off-road applications.

90mm Hi And Low Beams
Grote Industries
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Grote Industries presents the the 90 mm (3.5 in.) LED High Beam and Low Beam headlamps and the 90mm Combination High Beam/Low Beam LED headlamp module.

  • Versatile and durable  
  • Designed for heavy-duty applications
  • FMVSS 108- and ECE-compliant
  • Can be used for on- and off-road applications
  • High-tech, drop-in replacements for standard 90 mm halogen or HID headlamps
  • Utilizes latest high-performance LED technology in conjunction with reflectors and lens optics


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