TyTekBakker Magnetics making international debut at E&HVT Expo

TyTekBakker Magnetics, a new joint venture between TyTek Industries and Bakker Magnetics, will make its debut at The Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo.

U.S.-based TyTek Industries Inc. announces the arrival of TyTekBakker Magnetics LLC, a new joint venture with Netherlands-based Bakker Magnetics that will offer advanced creative solutions to an expanding international high-tech market. TyTekBakker Magnetics makes its international debut at the 2015 edition of The Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo.

TyTekBakker Magnetics produces sophisticated magnetic assemblies used in e-power and renewable energy, such as permanent magnet traction drives, wind and tidal generators and electronic marine and vehicle engines among other yet-to-be-discovered applications.

TyTek (pronounced TIE-tek) is an established family business that designs and engineers a wide range of B2B magnetic products and manufactures them at facilities in the US, Asia and Europe. Bakker (pronounced BAH-ker) is an international leader in applied magnetics, from development through testing and production.

TyTek owner Chris Tyler and Bakker owner Geert-Jan Bakker joined forces to create an enterprise that stands alone in the rarefied world of industrial magnetics.

While magnets are used in a host of motorized applications, no other firms in the U.S. have capabilities that approach the standards of TyTekBakker Magnetics.

For one, it controls its own start-to-finish supply chain, short of digging minerals out of the ground. That means TyTekBakker Magnetics offers quality and cost control second to none.

Both partners have built their reputations on creative problem-solving at every step in the design-and-build process, and both boast customer-service practices that offer a model to the industry. 

The new venture is headquartered in Cincinnati, OH, home of TyTek Industries Inc.

To learn more about TyTekBakker Magnetics, stop by Booth No. 949 at The Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo.