Volta Power Systems NMC Lithium-Ion Electric APU System

Volta Power Systems' Electric APU System features nickel-manganese-cobalt-oxide lithium-ion battery technology and a power capacity range of 7-100 kWh.

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Volta Power Systems announces the introduction of its nickel-manganese-cobalt-oxide (NMC) lithium-ion battery-based Volta Electric APU System.

  • Provides fully integrated energy storage
  • Reduces complexity while increasing safety, performance and reliability
  • Includes lightweight, 48V high-performance alternator that feeds automotive-grade, NMC lithium-ion energy storage unit
  • Flexible, multi-volt DC converter and industrial-grade AC inverter charger deliver power output
  • Monitors 14 levels of safety and can react to the slightest detectible change
  • Operates below low voltage threshold to ensure safety
  • Enables customers to easily configure power generation, energy storage, DC output voltage and AC output that can be scaled to meet engine-off power needs of virtually any commercial or specialized vehicle
  • Configurable power delivery capacity ranges from 7-100 kWh
  • Offers completely silent operation 
  • Capable of running 1.5 hp electric motor
  • Powers hydraulic motors at triple the speed possible from standard 12V system powered by lead-acid batteries
  • Can be recharged to full capacity four times faster than lead-acid based predecessors
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