12V Engine Start Module

Maxwell Technologies introduces its ultracapacitor-based engine start module which prevents downtime caused by starting failures.

Enginestartmodule 10343091

Maxwell Technologies, Inc. introduces a 12-volt ultracapacitor module that ensures reliable engine starting for commercial trucks and other heavy vehicles. 

  • Incorporates patented ultracapacitor technology 
  • Stores energy in an electric field
  • Enables ultracapacitors to charge and discharge in as little as fractions of a second
  • Performs normally over a broad temperature range -40 to 65 C
  • Operates reliably through one million or more charge/discharge cycles and resists shock, vibration and overcharging
  • Helps to avoid vehicle starting problems in cold weather or when batteries are drained by repetitive starting or climate control and other driver comfort functions
  • Provides reliable starting for diesel engines up to 15 liters at temperatures down to -40 C
  • Offers maintenance-free operation and “life of the vehicle” reliability
  • Industry standard Group 31 battery form factor ensures easy integration with battery systems
  • Features built-in quick charging system (15 minutes or less)
  • Provides extended battery life 
  • Utilizes green technology with no heavy metals or toxic substances requiring special recycling
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Reduces the number of road service and downtime expenses
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