Navitas Starlifter Lithium-Ion Battery for Class I and II Forklifts

At the Battery Show 2015, Navitas Systems introduced its Starlifter lithium-ion batteries for Class I and II forklifts which fully charges within an hour and does not require watering or a cool down period as other battery types do.

Navitas Systems Starlifter Deep Cycle Lithium Forklift Battery Side Top View 5602f8ee4d2f9

Navitas Systems LLC announces it has developed a family of qualified heavy-duty lithium-ion batteries for Class I and Class II forklifts, Starlifter.

  • Multiple voltages from 36 to 80V available, as well as range of kilowatt hour capacities from 10 to 30 kWh
  • Requires zero maintenance for the life of the pack
  • Features advanced, proprietary battery management system (BMS) to use any existing charging systems in place so that no facility modifications will be needed
  • Accepts fast charging more efficiently than lead acid and requires no cool-down period
  • Only one battery is needed per truck compared to needing three lead acid battery packs to operate in a multi-shift customer environment
  • Maintains 40% runtime advantage under cold temperatures compared to lead acid
  • Lifetime up to 10 years depending on duty cycle
  • “Active Balancing” cell balancing feature shuttles power between cells within overall pack, keeping charge and discharge capabilities operating at each individual cell’s highest performance without the weakest cell in the pack drawing down overall performance
  • High current active balancing of BMS enables lithium cells to last longer and have larger available discharge windows as they age
  • BMS offers CAN communications, enabling new user features to be designed by the forklift manufacturers
  • Charges to 100% in one hour with no negative ‘memory effects’, no need for watering
  • Impervious to damage from being partially charged



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