Electrical Brushless Diesel Fuel Pump

Federal-Mogul's electrical brushless diesel fuel pump offers durability, fuel economy and reduced emissions.

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Federal-Mogul Corporation has developed an electrical brushless diesel fuel pump for on- and off-highway engines with significantly improved durability to help keep heavy-duty vehicles working longer. The technology is available for diesel engines typically used in the medium- and heavy-duty on-highway sector and in the construction, stationary, marine and agricultural sectors.

  • Electronic commutation drives DC motor, providing cost-effeciency and non-contact technology for durability 
  • Lasts approximately 20 times longer than a conventional pump
  • Electrically-driven design reduces load placed on engine when compared to conventional belt or gear driven pumps, improving fuel economy and reducing emissions
  • Universal design provides ease of installation in existing fuel pump packages to replace current brush-style motors
  • Helps enhance life of an engine in service and reduce maintenance expenses
  • Suits 12V and 24V applications
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