Heavy-Duty Long Haul Extreme Alternator

Bosch introduces its Long Haul Extreme alternator which provides efficiency through the use of advanced electronics.

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Bosch has launched the heavy-duty Long Haul Extreme alternator, designed to provide power output on the road and at idle, with advanced electronics and design that ensure trouble-free operation, increased battery life and fuel savings.

  • Eliminates need for brushless technology 
  • Compact and lightweight design, weighing up to 34% less than brushless alternators
  • Features Bosch ‘intelligent’ battery sense technology
  • Available in 170- and 200-amp versions, producing respectively 170 and 200 amps at 6,000 alternator rpm operating output, and 120 and 122 amps at 2,000 alternator rpm
  • High charge rate at lower engine rpm prolongs battery life by reducing deep cycling 
  • Operates under high temperature situations, with dual internal cooling fans optimized for maximum airflow to help maintain even temperature
  • Operates at up to 74% efficiency, resulting in fuel savings versus brushless types that operate at 55% efficiency
  • Contains circuitry that allows operation/energizing via built in D+ terminal or as a ‘one wire’ alternator as well, with absolutely no modifications
  • ‘Brush’ compound enables brushes to last as long as, or longer than, brushless alternators
  • Includes thermal protection, which allows the alternator to sense extremely high underhood temperatures
  • Temperature-sensing feature of allows continuous operation at a reduced voltage output until engine compartment reaches normal operating temperature below 257 F (125 C)
  • Bearing technology provides long life by utilizing steel that has 40% longer life when tested at a 3,000 Newton meter belt load
  • Grease has a 30% longer lifetime when tested at 130 amps output
  • Bearings run 10 to 15% cooler, operating at less than 120 C when run at 6,000 alternator rpm
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