Diamond Power A160 Brushless Alternator

Mitsubishi Electric introduces its Diamond Power A160 brushless alternator, designed for use in heavy-duty truck applications.

Mitsubishielectric Diamondpowe 10829039

Mitsubishi Electric Automotive America Inc. (Mitsubishi Electric) announces the release of its fully featured Diamond Power A160 brushless alternator for heavy-duty truck applications.

  • Delivers fuel savings, increased uptime and improved battery life 
  • Provides high efficiency rating
  • Weighs 25% less than many competitive products
  • Extreme heat tolerance exceeds all North American O.E. requirements
  • Features improved cooling through advanced air flow geometry
  • Includes over-sized bearings 
  • Robust electronics feature an integrated regulator, rectifier and diode trio for maximum vibration resistance
  • Vibration and corrosion resistance exceeds all North American O.E. requirements
  • Feaatures reduced process variation with fewer fasteners and components 
  • Does not reduce charging output at a pre-set temperature
  • Components eliminate need for a regulator cut-off
  • Senses battery state-of-charge at the battery rather than at the alternator
  • Non-remote-sense vehicles can also use without modification
  • Fits all engines that include PAD mounting locations, regardless of wire configuration
  • Features over 100A rate of charge at idle
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