Hub DrivE

The GKN Hub DrivE in-hub electric motor/drive system features an EVO axial flux AF-130 electric motor for optimized efficiency and performance.

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The GKN Hub DrivE is an in-hub electric motor/drive system with reduction gear and brake, developed in partnership with EVO eDrive Systems.

  • Applications include agriculture, construction, defense and industrial
  • Incorporates GKN’s EVO axial flux AF-130 electric motor at the heart of the wheel hub
  • EVO AF-130 motor is a compact and lightweight unit, important in delivering optimum efficiency and performance
  • System flexibility allows it to be used in a diverse range of machinery and applications
  • Electric motor has maximum speed of 8,000 rpm, nominal output power of 64 kW, maximum torque of 350 Nm (for up to 20 seconds) and is capable of delivering nominal 145 Nm of torque to each drive wheel (front and rear wheels)
  • Helps improve fuel efficiency, optimize engine performance and reduce emissions
  • Other motor sizes available to increase power and torque






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