Electro Hydraulic Power Steering Solution

The Turolla Electro Hydraulic Power Steering Solution improves system efficiency by matching pump flow to the actual requirements of the system.

Turolla's Electro Hydraulic Power Steering Solution (EHPS) uses the same hydraulic assist technology as standard
systems, but the hydraulic pressure comes from a pump driven by an electric motor instead of a drive belt at the engine.

  • Steering effort is easily controlled by varying pump speed
  • Pump flow can be better matched to actual requirements, improving efficiency of the system
  • Customized software and dedicated inverter enable it to handle specific demands of system in all operating conditions and mobile applications
  • PLUS+1 Mobile Inverter covers extensive range from 2 to 50 kW, 24 to 96V and 40 to 1,000 Amps
  • Customized software with CAN interface is downloaded inside mobile inverter (MI06-S-24V – IP67)
  • Mobile inverter drives three-phase asynchronous electric motor (from 2 to 5.5 kW) with external sensors that is mechanically connected to a hydraulic gear unit
  • Available as standard or in shhark and shhark continuum variants, in displacement from 4 to 14 cc/rev and with or without relief valve
  • Pressure is generated based on demand from steering wheel (up to 50% energy savings compared to standard solution)
  • Provides 24V power supplied by on-board battery
  • Front or rear axle load-independent and environmentally-friendly
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