BorgWarner DuroSpeed Two-Speed Fan Drive

BorgWarner's DuroSpeed two-speed fan drive features a flux ring design that enables it to run 70 F cooler.

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BorgWarner's DuroSpeed two-speed fan drive is specifically designed to deliver reliable cooling for severe operating and vocational truck applications such as construction vehicles and municipal trucks.

  • Reduces fan engagements for greater reliability and less noise in severe service applications
  • Modular design allows any BorgWarner Kysor on/off fan drive to be easily converted to a DuroSpeed fan drive
  • Flux ring design enables to run 70 F cooler than competitive offerings
  • Cooler internal operating temperature increases bearing and liner durability, allowing nearly twice as many engagements over its lifetime
  • Pneumatically actuated with a higher disengaged fan speed to prevent engine temperatures from rising too quickly
  • Reduced engagement and disengagement increases clutch life, decreases noise, minimizes dust buildup in the radiator and makes more horsepower available, allowing vehicle to achieve higher work output
  • Contains no spinning air connections to wear, inspect or service
  • Operates at lower temperatures for longer bearing and liner life
  • Weighs 5 to 10 lbs. less and uses 11 fewer components than comparable units to help deliver better fuel economy
  • Uses same clutch unit for all applications to reduce complexity and minimize upgrade costs
  • Any Kysor on/off fan drive can be easily retrofitted to a DuroSpeed fan drive with a conversion kit consisting of only two add-on components
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