YASA P400 Series Motor

YASA Motors launched its P400 Series motor, featuring a compact, lightweight design due in part to the use of an engineered polymer housing for the motor stator, at the Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo.

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YASA Motors has launched its latest high performance product, the YASA P400 Series motor.

  • Smaller and lighter than other motors in performance range, enabling implementation of higher power hybridization and electrification without compromising critical vehicle space and weight
  • Allows powerful and efficient full hybrid and electric powertrains to be implemented in constrained spaces and weight limited environments that previously allowed for only less efficient mild hybrid designs
  • Provides compact and efficient alternative to hydraulic motors and starters
  • Uses advanced materials and innovative construction techniques to provide lighter weight 
  • Features engineering polymer housing for motor stator in place of the aluminum housing of other models
  • Low weight of polymer housing helps improve overall performance
  • Capable of producing up to 390 Nm peak torque (300 Nm continuous) and power of up to 180 kW peak (100 kW continuous)
  • Measures 12.0 in. (305 mm) diameter x 3.2 in. (80.4 mm) axial length and weighs less than 53 lbs. (24 kg)
  • High performance polymer material is strong, highly durable and lightweight
  • Materials used reduce both material cost and assembly time
  • Variety of different performance (torque/power/speed/current) characteristics available, each optimized for different application requirements
  • Available mechanical formats include cartridge type for project integration that is just 3.2 in. (80.4 mm) in axial length, and other variants to match industrial protection requirements
  • Liquid cooled
  • A version with rotor air cooling also available, allowing unusually high continuous (constant) power and torque operation while avoiding complexities of additional cooling circuits
  • Rotor air cooling version features up to 100 kW of constant, continuous power, making it well suited for power generation and high continuous torque usage such as for winches, conveyors and generator applications
  • Capable of operating as mobile and variable speed generator as well as a traction motor for on- or off-road, rail and marine transport in hybrid or full electric mode






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