Dana Acquires e-Powertrain Integrator Nordresa

The acquisition enhances Dana's electrification capabilities by combining its portfolio with Nordresa's and enables it to offer complete electric powertrain systems.

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Dana Incorporated announces it has completed the acquisition of Nordresa Motors, Inc., which is a prominent integration and application engineering expert for the development and commercialization of electric powertrains for commercial vehicles. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.  

The investment further enhances Dana's electrification capabilities by combining its complete portfolio of motors, inverters, chargers, gearboxes, and thermal-management products with Nordresa's proprietary battery-management system, electric powertrain controls and integration expertise to deliver complete electric powertrain systems.

"Nordresa's experience designing and integrating electric vehicle systems enables Dana to offer our customers a complete system solution, including fully-integrated e-Axles, battery and powertrain controls, and thermal management," says James Kamsickas, Dana President and CEO. "Each of Dana's customers are at different points on their electrification journey and our strategy remains focused on supporting them with industry-leading technology and expertise for all vehicle architectures."

The transition of the powertrain to fully electric requires changes to the propulsion system, power steering, air conditioning compressors, and other accessory systems that are specifically engineered for battery-electric solutions. Nordresa's ability to integrate these systems while customizing the battery storage and management systems enables the most efficient solutions to be offered to customers.

"The electrification of commercial vehicles is rapidly increasing, and Nordresa was in search of a company with a strong heritage and customer-centric culture that would further accelerate our business," says Sylvain Castonguay, President and CEO of Nordresa. "Joining Dana provides Nordresa access to a global footprint, diverse customer base, and complete portfolio of electrification capabilities that will create long-term value for our customers."

Dana will continue to leverage the nearly two decades of electrification knowledge and experience of Nordresa's founders, who will serve in leadership positions at Dana.

Nordresa is headquartered near Montreal, Québec, Canada.