Danfoss Editron Electric Motor Helps Power World's First Fully-Electric Pile Driving Rig

The new battery-powered Junttan PMx2e pile driving rig is equipped with Danfoss’ Editron PMI375-T1100 series electric motor which helps mimic the performance of a diesel rig.

Junttan Electric P Mx2e Pile Driving Rig 2 Hr Scaled
Danfoss Editron
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Danfoss’ Editron division has collaborated with Junttan, a manufacturer of hydraulic pile driving rigs, to help deliver the world’s first battery-powered, fully-electric pile driving rig. The hydraulic system of the first eJunttan PMx2e is controlled by an Editron electric motor that generates power from a battery pack.

According to recent research, emissions from the construction industry reached their highest ever level in 2019. Currently, the sector is responsible for 39% of all CO2 emissions globally. With international agreements such as the Glasgow Climate Pact in place to reduce emissions and reach net-zero, the construction industry faces the significant challenge of decarbonizing quickly. This means that there is a huge demand for manufacturers to bring zero-emission construction products and machines to the market. Junttan Electric P Mx2e Pile Driving Rig 1 Hr ScaledDanfoss Editron

The PMx2e has been designed to match the operational performance of a diesel-powered rig as closely as possible, even in the harshest working environments. The result is a machine that offers the same robust structure and usability as a traditional pile driving rig, though providing more power and instant torque. Furthermore, as well as consuming less energy per pile and producing less noise, the PMx2e crucially emits zero emissions while in operation. 

Junttan chose Danfoss’ Editron division to supply its PMI375-T1100 series motor after being impressed with its portfolio of sophisticated electric drivetrain systems. The company’s software-led approach delivers maximum efficiencies and offers freedom of design due to being lightweight and compact. Danfoss’ experts are also offering technical support to Junttan in selecting drive components for the machine.

Antti Väyrynen, director of off-highway of Danfoss’ Editron division, commented, “Working with Junttan to help create the world’s first fully-electric pile driving rig is a real privilege for us. At Editron, we’re committed to delivering the technology to enable a carbon-free future, including leading the way towards a sustainable construction industry.”

Junttan’s CEO Pasi Poranen added, “This new, electric pile driving rig demonstrates our commitment to helping our customers build a more sustainable future around the world. After four years of research and development, we’re bringing the future replacement of a diesel engine deep foundation machine to the market. PMx2e will empower our clients by massively reducing their CO2 emissions and environmental footprint.”

The PMx2e electric pile driving rig was commissioned by Per Aarsleff A/S, one of Europe’s premier contracting firms, and its Swedish subsidiary Aarsleff Ground Engineering AB. It is expected that the machine will enter series production in 2022.

Junttan Electric P Mx2e Pile Driving Rig 3 Hr ScaledDanfoss Editron