Equipmake HTM 3500 High Torque Electric Motor

The HTM 3500 electric motor produces maximum torque of 3,500 Nm at 1,000 rpm.

1 Equipmake Htm 3500

Equipmake has launched the HTM 3500 high torque electric motor designed specifically for use in heavy-duty commercial vehicles.

  • Combines high torque with low motor speeds, fitting directly onto the propshaft of large electric vehicles
  • Direct drive design negates need for separate gearbox, allowing for more efficient packaging
  • Produces maximum torque of 3,500 Nm (2,581.5 lb.-ft.) at 1,000 rpm
  • Designed for multiple heavy-duty vehicle applications, including electric buses, heavy-duty on-road trucks and mining equipment, where high torque and start/stop duty cycles are required
  • Weighs 195 kg (429.9 lbs.) and has a diameter of 540 mm (21.3 in.)
  • Measures 251 mm (9.9 in.) wide and 607 mm (23.9 in.) high
  • Peak power of 400 kW (536.4) and a maximum motor speed of 3,500 rpm
  • Available as a single or coupled unit
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