Dana TM4 SUMO HP Electric Motors and Inverters

The TM4 SUMO HP high-performance motors and inverters are engineered to offer maximum flexibility, and enable direct-drive, series-hybrid, or parallel-hybrid applications.

TM4 SUMO HP HV2500 motor & inverter system
TM4 SUMO HP HV2500 motor & inverter system
Dana Incorporated
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Dana Incorporated unveils an expanded family of Dana TM4 SUMO HP electric motors and inverters, including the HV1000 and HV2500.

  • Designed specifically for battery-electric, range-extended, and fuel-cell vehicles
  • Features compact design and heavy-duty power
  • Engineered to address the requirements of Class 6-8 commercial vehicles        
  • Offers maximum flexibility
  • Enables direct-drive, series-hybrid, or parallel-hybrid applications
  • Allows OEMs to replace internal combustion-based components without making major modifications
  • Can be coupled to diesel engines, natural gas engines, and multi-speed transmissions
  • Can be integrated as part of an e-Axle in heavy-duty and off-highway applications
  • Offers up to 430 kW (576.6 hp) of continuous power and 540 kW (724.2 hp) of peak power
  • Peak torque value of 2,500 Nm (1843.9 ft.-lb.)
  • Up to 30% lighter, and delivers up to 65% more continuous power and up to 45% more peak power compared with other heavy-duty electric powertrains available for the market
  • Matches efficiency map of internal-combustion engine when used as a range extender and
  • Can reduce operating costs by more than 35% compared with a conventional diesel-powered vehicle
  • Motor features compact concentric winding technology to deliver maximum torque density and leverages Dana's  internal permanent magnet technology for optimal efficiency and cost
  • High-power version of CO200 six-phase inverter has been upgraded with higher power and current output, as well as new connectors that improve ease of installation
  • Inverter now delivers twice the power density at 23 kW/kg up to 800V DC 

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