Xos Launches Powertrain Division

Powered by Xos will provide powertrain technology as well as design and integration expertise.

Xos Inc.
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Xos Inc.

Xos Inc., best known for its fully electric Class 5-8 commercial vehicles, announces the establishment of a new powertrain division. Powered by Xos will offer the company's powertrain technology as well as design and integration expertise to OEMs in the commercial, off-highway and industrial markets. 

Offering propriety powertrain technology and components which are purpose-designed for heavy-duty applications will be the primary target for the new division.

A wide range of products will be available for integration into electric vehicle designs including:

  • high-voltage batteries
  • power distribution and management componentry
  • battery management systems
  • system controls
  • inverters
  • electric traction motors
  • auxiliary drive systems

The division will be lead by Brett Wilson, a 20-year industry veteran. Wilson's focus will be on delivering electric vehicle powertrain solutions to a variety of OEM customers. He previously worked at Cummins Inc. in various roles, and brings expertise from the off-highway and other specialized markets. 

“I am thrilled to join the Xos team at this pivotal moment for electric mobility, and am particularly proud to join a team dedicated to providing intelligent mobility solutions to advance the electrification of industrial equipment,” said Wilson, Director of Powertrain Sales at Xos, in the company's press release announcing the new division. “At Xos, we purpose-designed and built battery electric technology specifically for commercial and industrial applications, ensuring the technology is tailored to their unique use cases. With Powered by Xos, we’re excited to broaden the reach of our technology by offering it to other OEM’s interested in transitioning to electric powertrains.” Xos Wiggins 3Xos Inc.

“At Xos, we recognize that the technology we have developed initially for last-mile and back-to-base operations can be deployed to off-highway applications that are also ripe for electrification, like heavy-duty forklifts which have short routes and easy access to charging,” said Dakota Semler, CEO and Co-Founder of Xos, Inc., in the company's press release. “Customers like Wiggins Lift Co. have validated Xos’ technology for the off-highway markets. We look forward to building the Powered by Xos business segment alongside our growing OEM platform, and are pleased to have Brett join our team to help fleets of all kinds go electric.” 

The company's OEM division will continue developing electric-powered commercial vehicles built on its X-Platform and X-Pack. 

New powertrain order from forklift OEM

Xos also announces the new powertrain division has received an order from a repeat customer of the company, Wiggins Lift Co., Inc. (Wiggins). With this order, Powered by Xos now has a total of 38 powertrain systems which are scheduled to be delivered in 2021 to Wiggins. 

Wiggins is a manufacturer of high-capacity forklifts used in marine, industrial, agriculture, military and other specialized applications. It had initially ordered 20 powertrain systems from Xos for use in its Yard eBull product line which provides material handling at ports and unloading of large cargo ships. Fourteen of those systems have been deployed to date, working in eBull machines at the Port of Stockton, CA. The powertrain's capabilities in this application prompted the company to order an additional 18 powertrains. 

“We are thrilled that Wiggins has chosen to further commit to Xos as its partner to implement powertrain systems in its eBull product line, which demonstrates the strength of our technology and existing customer relationships,” said Semler in Xos' press release announcing the new order from Wiggins. “We have demonstrated that the technology we have developed for last mile delivery vehicles can be adapted to numerous off-highway applications that are also ripe for electrification, like Wiggins’ high-capacity forklifts, which have short routes and easy access to charging infrastructure.” 

“Wiggins is dedicated to offering best-in-class forklifts to our customers, and that includes implementing the latest innovation and cutting edge technology to increase our products’ efficiency, enhance sustainability, and improve the overall customer experience,” said Micah McDowell, Director of Sales at Wiggins, in the Xos press release. “We are pleased to strengthen our partnership with Xos to expand the integration of its powertrain systems into our eBull platform and provide a more sustainable product to our customers, decreasing our customers’ maintenance and total cost of ownership while minimizing our impact on the environment.”