UQM Receives First Production Order for PowerPhasePro E-Drive Propulsion Systems in China

UQM will deliver 300 PowerPhasePro 135 e-drive propulsion systems to ITL in China.

UQM Technologies Inc. announces the receipt of a purchase order release authorization from China customer ITL Efficient Energy Tech CO, Ltd (ITL), for 300 PowerPhasePro 135 e-drive propulsion systems for the China market. The order is the first production release received as part of the supply agreement between UQM and ITL for the China market.

The UQM PowerPhasePro 135 e-drive system has been identified to be an industry-leading product for the 6-8 m light-duty bus and commercial truck applications. According to UQM President and CEO Joe Mitchell, “We are beginning to see results from all of the hard work and collaboration that has transpired in developing this relationship, and we are grateful to have ITL as a key customer in supporting UQM’s growth in the China market.”

ITL, based in Beijing, is responsible for supplying the electric drivetrain system for vehicles in the 6-8 m light bus and commercial truck market. Due to the widespread interest in the UQM e-drive system, ITL is actively courting new customers in this rapidly growing new energy vehicle class that utilize the UQM PowerPhasePro 135 system. “It has been a long journey, and now that ITL is ramping up for production, this release order of 300 e-drive systems from UQM is just the beginning of new orders for the booming new energy vehicle market in China,” says Frank Lee, President of ITL.