UQM Chosen as Supplier of Choice for Green4U Electric Vehicles

UQM will supply eDrives for a variety of electric vehicles, and enable Green4U to expand the range of vehicle types it can offer.

UQM Technologies Inc. announces that Green4U Technologies Inc., located in Braselton, GA, has chosen UQM to be its supplier of choice for eDrives for an array of electric vehicles designed for fleet operators. Green4U’s founder Don Panoz is a successful entrepreneur in numerous industries including pharmaceutical, automotive and motorsports, and is looking to expand into the electric vehicle market. Green4U plans to market a range of U.S. manufactured EVs primarily for business use but also suitable for consumers. The UQM platform will enable Green4U to expand its EV product line to SUVs and medium-to-large commercial vehicles like buses and work trucks. 

According to UQM CEO Joseph Mitchell, “This collaboration between UQM and Green4U and selection of UQM to be Green4U’s eDrive supplier of choice is another example of our superior performance and value being recognized in the industry. We are thrilled to partner with Green4U and Don Panoz to support their growth and entry into this market.”

Don Panoz, founder of Green4U, sees this as an ideal strategic partnership. “Since weight greatly affects EV range, at Green4U we are experts at making things light and strong,” Panoz says. “We’ve been using aluminum chassis designs, aluminum body panels, and carbon fiber composite structures in our Panoz sports and race cars for years, and we’re applying this expertise, plus other technologies we’re developing and sourcing, to our Green4U EVs. UQM has been a player in the global EV space for decades, and is the market leading technology provider of electric propulsion systems. We are very pleased to have UQM as our electric drive supplier.”