UQM Enters Taiwan Bus Market

Chung Shing Group is evaluating expansion into the electric bus market and has selected UQM's PowerPhase DT system for its powertrain solution.

UQM Technologies Inc. announces the receipt of an order for a PowerPhase DT system for the Chung Shing Group, located in Taiwan. Chung Shing has selected the UQM PowerPhase DT system for evaluation and trial for its electric bus offering. The UQM PowerPhase DT system offers best in class power density and performance for full size buses. In addition, the UQM drivetrain in the PowerPhase DT provides a greater speed and torque range than direct drive systems, allowing smaller electric motors to drive large vehicles. The UQM electric drivetrain system also allows for improved packaging, greater efficiency, greater payload capacity and lower cost when compared with direct drive or single-speed drivetrain strategies.

As battery costs rapidly decrease, heavy-duty commercial and transit markets see the economic potential of electric drive vehicles compared to large diesel engines and multispeed transmissions. Fuel savings of pure electric vehicles (>20 mpg equivalent) compared with traditional diesel (4 mpg) and hybrid systems (6 mpg) is enough to quickly recover the investment in an electric drive.

According to UQM CEO Joseph Mitchell, “Working with a world class company such as the Chung Shing Group and our entry into the Taiwan market is another significant step in the global expansion and growth of UQM. We continue to bring on world class customers into the UQM portfolio and this is a testament to the quality of our products and our excellent team representing us around the world. We definitely look forward to supporting the Chung Shing Group and their expansion into the EV market.”

“The high efficient E-drive system and technical cooperation with UQM will improve the efficiency of the bus fleet and save energy as well as total cost of ownership,” says Jeffrey Lu, President and CEO of Chung Shing Group. “This is in line with the demands of Taiwan city bus ecological environment.”