SANY Introduces Hydrogen Fuel Cell Construction Vehicles

The company recently produced a dump truck and mixer truck powered by hydrogen fuel cells.


SANY Group announces the production of hydrogen fuel cell powered construction vehicles. The vehiclesa dump truck and a mixer truck—recently rolled off the company's production line at its manufacturing facility in China. 

Per SANY, the mixer truck is the first in the world to be powered by hydrogen. 

An R&D engineer at SANY who worked on the construction vehicles says there are many advantages to using hydrogen as a power source. The main benefit is the lack of emissions produced by these vehicles as hydrogen's only emissions are heat and water vapor.

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China is currently targeting carbon neutrality by 2060. SANY offering zero emissions vehicles like these new hydrogen fuel cell dump and mixer trucks will enable customers in the region to meet these emissions reduction targets.

In addition to their zero emissions capabilities, SANY notes in its press release announcing the new vehicles they offer other benefits as well including - 

  • Long battery life: A set of hydrogen cylinders with a combined capacity of 1,680 L ensures a driving distance of more than 500 km (310.7 mi.), saving drivers from "mileage anxiety."
  • More power: With a large torque drive motor and an AMT gearbox, the high-power fuel cell stack features an energy conversion rate of over 50%. The vehicle demonstrates enhanced acceleration rate and climbing capacity.
  • Enhanced weather adaptability: The integrated heat management system performs automatic heating and cooling in hot and cold weather conditions to maintain optimal performance.
  • Extra safety considerations: Functions such as high heat protection, overcurrent protection, a low pressure alarm, and leakage detection and control in the hydrogen supply system guarantee a worry-free driving experience.

Li Tanbo, Deputy General Manager of SANY's Crane Business Unit, said during the rollout ceremony for the new hydrogen powered vehicles that SANY has entered a new phase in which the development of construction machinery is trending towards the application of green energy and green, intelligent equipment technologies. SANY plans to become the largest comprehensive hydrogen fuel solution provider and the number one electric construction vehicle manufacturer in China within 5 years.