Ioxus uSTART Energy Storage System

The Ioxus uSTART energy storage system improves starting reliability and extends battery life.

Ioxus U Start

Ioxus announces the addition of the uSTART energy storage solution which is now available for Classes 7 and 8 day cab trucks and tractors with up to 12-L engines.

  • Improves starting reliability and extends battery and starter life
  • Can be installed by OEM or as a retrofit
  • Provides level of starting power not available in typical batteries, particularly in tough duty cycles or cold weather, when used as drop-in Group 31 battery replacement
  • Reduces number of batteries a truck would require throughout its service life
  • Helps reduce stress on starters and provide jumpstart capabilities
  • Based on ultracapacitors, which are used as energy storage building blocks
  • Utilize smart power electronics to intelligently monitor, manage and control power on vehicle’s electrical bus, minimizing cycling on remaining batteries

Ioxus U Start Install On Chasis

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