PowerCell MS-100 Fuel Cell System

The PowerCell MS-100 fuel cell system for off-road applications is 30% more compact, and was introduced during the Fuel Cell Seminar & Energy Exposition 2019.

Power Cell Ms100 Fuel Cell System
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PowerCell Sweden AB (publ) has developed an improved version of its MS-100 fuel cell system for use in marine and off-road applications such as construction and material handling equipment.

  • 30% more compact
  • Improved operating life time as well as robustness for demanding applications
  • For applications which demand reliable operation, high power output and flexibility
  • Withstands vibrations to ensure long service life
  • Provides quick and smooth start-up regardless of weather conditions
  • Maximum power output of 100 kW (134.1 hp)
  • Can connect systems in series to reach megawatt power levels
  • Based on PowerCell S3 fuel cell stack featuring compact metallic bipolar plates with large active area and state-of-the-art membrane electrode assembly (MEA) to deliver minimum operating lifetime of 20,000 hours
  • Compact design and volume of 276 liters (72.9 gal.) enables easy integration and use in various applications
  • Available in both vertical and horizontal positioning to facilitate installation when space is limited
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