Fabrico Hosting Forum on Thermal Management for LEDs

Fabrico is hosting a forum for design engineers about the use of proper thermal management for LED lighting.

Fabrico Forum Thermal Managementfor Le Ds

Fabrico, the leader in design and manufacturing services for flexible materials and bonding, joining, and sealing solutions, is hosting a discussion on thermal management and LEDs on its www.fabricoforum.com site.

The good news is LEDs generate more light from less power. They are compact and well-suited for today’s smaller, more complex designs. The bad news is they get very hot, which can result in thermal runaway and failure. How can you as a design engineer take full advantage of LED technology and still beat the heat? See what Craig McClenachan and Peg Roberts suggest on the FabricoForum.

The FabricoForum is an open dialog where design engineers and others interested in materials technology and product assembly can read opinions and weigh-in on current topics. Other subjects on the Forum include the benefits of medical grade adhesives and structural adhesives as a replacement for mechanical fasteners.