Durst's New Lectric Drive System Enables Mounting of Durst Hydraulic Pump Drives to Marathon Electric Motors

Lectric Drive from Durst enables the company's hydraulic pump drives to be mounted to electric Motors from Marathon Electric.

Durst Lectric Drive
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The Durst division of Regal Beloit Corp. has announced the new Lectric Drive. A joint venture with another Regal division, Marathon Electric, Lectric Drive is an economical system for mounting Durst hydraulic pump drives directly to Marathon electric motors.

Lectric Drive revolutionizes the delivery of energy to operate hydraulic equipment. It gives users with electric motors an energy-efficient way to power hydraulic pumps or an alternative way to eliminate a diesel-powered drive system currently used to power this process when electric power is available.

Engineers at Durst and Marathon Electric identified the need for an easy-to-install, space-saving system that required fewer parts and literally no maintenance or setup time compared to current designs.

“Lectric Drive is a game changer,” says John Locarno, Global Sales and Marketing Manager. “The conventional hydraulic power drive assembly connects the motor shaft and pump drive by way of a C-face motor adaptor and an external coupling. Direct mounting using Lectric Drive renders the adaptor-coupler approach obsolete. The pump drive literally becomes part of the electric motor.”

Lectric Drive is compatible with most Durst hydraulic pump drives and supports Marathon Electric motors rated at 100 to 700 hp. Marathon Electric has earned a solid reputation for its totally enclosed fan cooled (TEFC) and explosion-proof motors. Lectric Drive can accommodate 230, 460 and 575V power supply, as well as power systems of 50/60Hz.

Customers receive the Lectric Drive solution preassembled and completely ready for installation. Not only does Lectric Drive eliminate the motor adaptor and external coupling, it eliminates the tedious laser alignment process required to allow the system to function. The electric motor mounts and aligns properly to the pump drive, reducing setup time.

The smaller package — up to 20 in. shorter than conventional systems — saves hundreds of pounds in system weight and hundreds of dollars in installation costs. In addition, with no C-face adaptor to repair or replace, the end user enjoys lower maintenance costs.

Lectric Drive is suitable for auxiliary power generation in construction, oil and gas, and offshore drilling equipment, as well as stationary cranes. It can be retrofitted to an existing application or customized to meet the demands of an entirely new application. The pump drive and electric motor are precisely matched to perform the required functions.