HBM introduces new data acquisition amplifier modules for harsh operating conditions

HBM has developed three new amplifier modules for its SomatXR Data Acquisition System that are suited for use in harsh operating conditions.

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Hbm 10056637

HBM Inc.—a leading manufacturer of data acquisition systems, analysis and calibration software, strain gauges, transducers and sensors—has introduced three new amplifier modules for its SomatXR Data Acquisition System.

  • SomatXR MX1615B-R Amplifier. This amplifier has 16 individually configurable inputs for potentiometric sensors, PT 100 temperature sensors, or strain gages (SG) in full-, half-, or quarter-bridge configurations. In addition, it can measure resistance and voltage up to ± 60V.
  • SomatXR MX1601B-R Amplifier. This amplifier provides inputs for measuring standardized voltage (± 60V, ±10V or ±100 mV), standardized current (0 to 20 mA or 4 to 20 mA), and IEPE/ICP sensors on 16 individually configurable channels. Every channel is electrically isolated and has a 24-bit delta-sigma A/D converter. Sample rates are as high as 19,200 samples/s per channel, and the analog bandwidth is 3 kHz.
  • SomatXR MX1609KB-R Amplifier. This amplifier provides 16 individually configurable thermocouple channels with full isolation.

The new amplifier modules are especially suitable for measurements under very harsh operating conditions out in the field. All three have an IP65/IP67 rating, meaning that it's both dust-tight and water-tight and an extended operating temperature range of -40 to 80 C (-40 to 176 F). They meet MIL−STD202G requirements for shock and vibration, and can withstand shocks up to 70 g and vibration of at least 10 g.

These features make the SomatXR data acquisition system a good choice for drive and durability testing of construction machines, agricultural machines, and mining machines, and for summer and winter road testing of automobiles. No other data acquisition system in this class is built to survive under these conditions.

“The SomatXR measuring amplifiers guarantee precise measurement results, even in the harshest environments,” says Finn Lange, Product Manager at HBM. “They were extensively tested under real-world conditions for this purpose. For example, we even conducted thermal shock tests to validate the modules’ resistance to sudden temperature fluctuations.”