SomatXR Data Acquisition Modules

The HBM SomatXR data acquisition modules feature IP65/67 sealing for use in rugged environments.

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Built on proven technology and testing experience in harsh environments, HBM has developed the SomatXR family of data acquisition modules for use under extreme conditions.

  • Field-ready and can be used for an extremely diverse range of requirements and applications
  • Application examples include off-highway vehicles used in construction, agriculture and forestry, civil engineering and energy for structural monitoring
  • Currently three 24-bit amplifiers available 
  • MX1601B-R measures standardized voltage, current and IEPE/ICP sensors on 16 individually configurable channels
  • MX1609B-R is a K-Type thermocouple amplifier providing 16 individually configurable thermocouple channels
  • MX1615B-R is a strain gauge bridge amplifier enabling up to 16 sensors or strain gauges in full, half or quarter-bridge configuration to be connected
  • Developed for measurements outside the laboratory, even under harsh ambient conditions
  • Protected from water, dust, shock and vibration
  • Meets IP65/67 degree of protection
  • Can be used in temperature range from -40 to 80 C
  • Vibration resistance of 10g and impact resistance of 70g have also been confirmed through standardized tests
  • Modules can be mixed in any configuration
  • Allows users to easily add or remove modules to meet testing needs
  • Enables use of one or many modules for testing
  • Placement close to measurement points improves signal quality, and alleviates complex and messy cabling situations
  • Provides precise synchronization via Ethernet/PTPv2 over a distance of up to 100 meters
  • No programming skills are required when running with catman software for test configuration
  • Offers ability to utilize TEDS (Transducer Electronic Data Sheet) for quick, easy and accurate test setup
  • Enables customization of users own sensor database
  • catman software offers powerful data visualization while collecting data, allowing configured triggers based on any inputs 
  • Performs real-time math functions and helps validate collected data
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