Dialight facility in Mexio achieves ISO-14000 and OSHAS-18000 certifications

Dialight's largest manufacturing facilities in Ensenada, Mexico have achieved ISO-14001 and OSHAS-18001 certifications.

Dialight, the innovative global leader in LED lighting technology, announces its largest and primary manufacturing facilities in Ensenada, Mexico has achieved certification to the ISO-14001 and OSHAS-18001 global standards for environmental stewardship and occupational health and safety management. Ensenada is one of the five ISO-certified Dialight manufacturing locations.

The certifications position Dialight among an elite group of companies to achieve the stringent global standards and reinforce Dialight’s commitment to its customers to provide the highest quality product, produced in the safest and most sustainable manner possible.

“As demonstrated by our leading-edge, high-efficiency technology, environmental stewardship and facility safety have long been the hallmarks of both our product offering and our operational principals,” says Michael Sutsko, Dialight’s Group Chief Executive. “This certification validates those efforts, proving our commitment to meeting our customers’ needs across a broad spectrum. Quite simply, we want our customers to feel confident that not only our products, but also our processes, meet their high standards for quality and performance.”

The 103,116 square-foot, 73,328 square-foot, and 45,000 square-foot Ensenada facilities, which opened in 2001, are the epicenter of Dialight’s manufacturing operations, the birthplace of its Vigilant and SafeSite High Bay, Low Bay and other product lines that have become some of the best-selling and most widely installed industrial LED fixtures on the market.

The Ensenada facilities are the second Dialight factories to achieve both certifications—its Roxboro, NC, plant was certified in both ISO-14001 and OSHAS-18001 earlier this year. All five Dialight facilities, including those in Copenhagen, Denmark, Newmarket, United Kingdom and Penang, Malaysia, are ISO-9000 certified for quality assurance in manufacturing, while the Copenhagen and Newmarket locations are also ISO-14001 certified. The company has already committed to achieving ISO-14001 and OSHAS-18001 for its Malaysia facility.

“I also want to publicly thank all of the employees, service providers and vendors who worked extremely hard over the last year to help us achieve these thorough requirements,” Sutsko says. “It’s certainly no small feat, and I look forward to working together to achieve manufacturing excellence in all areas.”