UQM Receives Follow-On Order from Kalmar Motor for PowerPhaseHD220 Technology

UQM has received a follow-on production order from Kalmar which uses the PowerPhaseHD220 electric motor/controller system in its TBL-50 traction airplane tug to help airports reduce environmental emissions.

UQM Technologies Inc. announces that Kalmar Motor AB in Sweden has placed a follow-on production order with UQM for its PowerPhaseHD220 electric motor/controller system for the TBL-50 towbarless airplane tug traction drive and its PowerPhasePro 135 electric motor/controller system for the vehicle hydraulics. After successful testing and product launch with major airlines, Kalmar Motor is seeing good market demand for the TBL-50 traction airplane tug and the reliability and performance of UQM’s electric drive systems.

“We are pleased that Kalmar Motor’s testing and product launch have gone so well using our propulsion systems,” says Joe Mitchell, President and CEO of UQM. “We continue to expand into new heavy-duty commercial markets, and we are delighted to be a key supplier to Kalmar Motor as they see increased demand from the major airlines.”

Kalmar Motor has been the pioneer of the unique TBL towbarless concept and is now developing a new generation of tugs that will enable airports to cut their use of diesel-driven tugs to address growing demands for reduced environmental emissions.

“UQM continues to show the ability to provide added value to our TBL products, and is the ideal electric system provider to support the growing needs of Kalmar Motor as airlines move towards stricter environmental standards,” says Magnus Johansson, Sales Director of Kalmar Motor.