John Deere Highlighting Integrated Electric Solutions at MINExpo International

John Deere Power Systems and John Deere Electronic Solutions will jointly exhibit powertrain and electronic products designed for use in heavy-duty applications.

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John Deere will showcase its experience developing and integrating electric powertrain solutions for off-highway applications at MINExpo International, Sept. 26–28 in Las Vegas. John Deere Power Systems and John Deere Electronic Solutions will be exhibiting together, displaying powertrain and electronic products designed for the rugged demands of mining and construction applications.

“MINExpo International is the ideal platform to feature John Deere drivetrain and power electronics offerings for the mining industry,” says Darren Almond, Manager, Drivetrain Product Planning for John Deere Power Systems. “We're pleased to have the opportunity to showcase how the John Deere drivetrain and power electronics products can be combined to work in a variety of mining applications.”

John Deere engines, drivetrain components and power electronics have a reputation for durability and reliability, which is paramount in mining applications. Manufacturers of mining equipment will benefit from the investments John Deere has made in the integration of these systems into complete electric powertrain solutions for mobile off-highway machines. 

Electric drivetrain product highlights include the following:

  • John Deere Electronic Solutions family of inverters is based on a modular concept and includes power stage, bus capacitor and optional brake chopper with a common control module.
  • PD400 dual inverter, with configurations rated from 150-300 kVA, is an all-in-one solution from John Deere Electronic Solutions that eliminates the need for multiple interfaces, allowing system designers the ability to improve machine performance in extreme conditions.
  • John Deere electric generator drive is specifically designed to provide the electric power necessary for heavy-duty off-highway traction drive applications. With a power range of 155 kW (210 hp) for the size 3 model and 400 kW (536 hp) for the size 5 model, the electric generator drive increases productivity, improves uptime and lowers daily operating costs.
  • Designed to efficiently convert electric power to tractive effort, the John Deere three-speed transmission has a power rating of 145 kW (195 hp) and provides torque and speed ranges similar to conventional off-highway transmissions. The transmission also provides exceptional vehicle controllability and full hydraulic power under any operating condition resulting in a higher vehicle/operator productivity combination.

In addition, John Deere Power Systems will have on display the CanmetMINING certified PowerTech E 4.5L Tier 3 engine with a power range of 63-104 kW (85-140 hp). The 4.5-L engine has full-authority electronic controls, 2-valve cylinder heads, a high-pressure common-rail fuel system with electronic fuel injection, and a fixed-geometry turbocharger in turbocharged or air-to-air aftercooled aspiration systems.

“John Deere is dedicated to providing power solutions for the mining industry,” says Darrin Treptow, Manager, Worldwide Marketing for John Deere Power Systems. “The Tier 3 4.5-L engine is well suited for the extreme working conditions of underground mining applications.”

John Deere will also display products from its lineup of Funk drivetrain components including pump drives, HMD 18000 transmission and TeamMate II Series 1200 axle. Funk transmissions, axles, pump drives and planetary drives provide customers uptime crucial to the mining industry.

In addition to the products on display at MINExpo International, John Deere Power Systems also offers a full lineup of industrial diesel engines in 2.9-L, 4.5-L, 6.8L, 9.0-L and 13.5-L displacements with a power range of 36-448 kW (48-600 hp). These engines are U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and European Union emissions-certified. John Deere also offers pump drives, planetary gear drives, transmissions and axles for a variety of off-highway applications. John Deere application engineers are available to assist OEMs with custom requirements. With more than 4,000 service locations, John Deere has one of the most extensive engine service networks in the world.