Enovation Controls Launches uControl Mobile Machine Controllers

uControl mobile machine controllers are equipped with multiple CAN channels, have extreme durability and achieve total machine control with precision fluid-power and equipment performance.

uControl MC4-21-14-H8 controller
uControl MC4-21-14-H8 controller
Enovation Controls
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Helios Technologies has announced the launch of uControl mobile machine controllers, an innovative new product offering developed under its Enovation Controls brand that delivers precise proportional control for heavy-duty equipment in ultra-rugged environments.

“The new uControl platform is a major opportunity for our customers with complex electro-hydraulic requirements,” said Josef Matosevic, the Company’s President and Chief Executive Officer. “With uControl mobile machine controllers, Helios now offers customers throughout our targeted markets a full lineup of rugged, robust solutions to address a broad array of mobile control system requirements.”

Engineered for heavy-duty equipment of all shapes and sizes, uControl mobile machine controllers are equipped with multiple CAN channels, have extreme durability and achieve total machine control with precision fluid-power and equipment performance. Originally previewed in 2020, the uControl MC4-26-20 controller, features extensive and software selectable I/O, with 26 total inputs and 20 total outputs. It is joined by the uControl MC4-21-14-H8 high-current controller, featuring 21 software selectable inputs with eight configurable high-current outputs and 14 configurable standard outputs. Also included in the series are the mid-ranged uControl MC3-21-10 controller with 21 inputs and 10 software selectable outputs, and the compact uControl MC2-18-6 controller with 18 inputs and 6 software selectable outputs.

uControl MC4-26-20 controlleruControl MC4-26-20 controllerEnovation Controls

“uControl machine controllers are truly revolutionary with unique software configurable inputs and outputs,” said Doug Conyers, Vice President of Helios Center of Engineering Excellence. “Other controllers can be difficult to apply in diverse applications, but the flexibility uControl machine controllers provide reduces both development time and complexity.”

Fully sealed and rated to meet IP69K, uControl mobile machine controllers can handle the heat and vibration inside an engine compartment or anywhere else on equipment. The new uControl mobile controllers were designed for quick implementation and offer the flexibility to use CODESYS or ACE, a new software development platform from Enovation Controls that accelerates development time and efficiency by helping experts create robust control and display software without writing code.

To help roll out uControl machine controllers, Enovation Controls recently onboarded several new distributors and integrators across the United States with experience in fluid power controls. uControl MC2-18-6 controlleruControl MC2-18-6 controllerEnovation Controls

“Our premier distribution partners are ready to deliver uControl solutions to customers,” said John Shea, Chief Commercial Officer. “Not only are they prepared to integrate uControl machine controllers, a number of them also represent Helios’s Sun Hydraulics brand of fluid power motion control technologies and will be able to leverage both product lines to create engineered packages that reduce complexity and enhance the equipment experience.”

Additional features and benefits of the uControl mobile machine controllers:

  • Wide operating temperature range (-40-105 C)
  • Fully-sealed IP67/IP69K protected enclosure
  • Soft-gel potted for shock and vibration resistance
  • Universal inputs and software-selectable, current-regulated PWM outputs
  • Configure hardware quickly with ACE™ from Enovation Controls, or program with CODESYS
  • Complies to CE mark per 2014/30/EU (EN 61326-1 & EN 60945)
  • Conforms to ISO 13766
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