TM4 BCI20 Bi-Directional Charger Inverter

The TM4 BCI20 provides battery charger and inverter capabilities in a single unit, and will be debuted at the Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo 2017.

Tm4 Bci20 Charger Inverter 380x380
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TM4 announces the launch of its Bi-directional Charger Inverter, the BCI20, developed in collaboration with Convertronix, a Quebec-based company specializing in the design and manufacturing of power conversion equipment.

  • Functions as battery charger and inverter for use in a variety of electric and hybrid vehicle applications
  • Uses the full current range from the AC mains as defined in SAE J1772 for a maximum charge power of 18 kW on 240V AC
  • Charger becomes a dual inverter when vehicle in use that can provide two independent three phase outputs of 9kVA each to power various AC auxiliary loads
  • Simplifies vehicle integration by combining multiple functionalities in one box
  • Meets IP67 rating for reliable operation in harsh under-hood vehicle environments
  • Compact and lightweight design allows for flexible installation in multiple mounting locations 
  • Available for North American and European markets
  • Future offering will be available in both single and three phase bidirectional charger inverters in 450 and 750V DC options

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