HUBER+SUHNER RADOX EV-C Connectivity Solution

The HUBER+SUHNER RADOX EV-C combines RADOX technology with an electron beam crosslinking process.

Hubersuhner Radoxev C Connectivity Solution
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HUBER+SUHNER announces the commercial launch of the RADOX EV-C connectivity solution for the growing global e-mobility market.

  • Provides hybrid and electric vehicles – particularly trucks, buses, construction and special vehicles – with safe and reliable connection
  • Suitable for demanding applications, including high temperatures, current peaks, extreme mechanical loads and harsh environments
  • Utilizes proven RADOX technology with electron beam crosslinking process for the cables
  • Provides consistent level of performance over vehicle life span 
  • Achieves improvements in the thermal, mechanical and chemical properties of cable insulation
  • Merging cable technology with EV-C gland provides best-in-class connectivity solution for demanding heavy-duty applications
  • Validated according to automotive high voltage standards
  • Offered in seven sizes ranging from 16-120 mm2 (0.02-0.19 in.2) in five main variants
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