Innovusion Cheetah LiDAR System

The Cheetah LiDAR system combines proprietary detector electronics, advanced optics and sophisticated software algorithms.

Cheetah Photo W Background

Innovusion Inc. announces the availability of its Cheetah LiDAR system.

  • Based on rotating polygon optical architecture
  • Combines proprietary detector electronics, advanced optics and sophisticated software algorithms
  • Smart architecture, streamlined optics design, and integrated optical paths result in rapid manufacturing and scalability into vehicle production
  • Provides detection range of 200 m (656.2 ft.) on objects with 10% reflectivity
  • Clearly detects objects out to 280 m (918.6 ft.)
  • Creates more reaction time for vehicle to determine best course of action resulting in optimum safety performance
  • Achieves picture-like imaging due to high number of vertical and horizontal scanning lines covering entire field of view
  • Every object represented by exceptionally dense point cloud, resulting in optimum safety
  • Point cloud is especially suitable for fusing with camera data in the pixel level, producing rich data set resulting in reliable object detection and classification
  • Suited for safety system architects as the main perception sensor for L3+ autonomous vehicles, reducing need for multiple LiDAR systems
  • Screen resolution of 300 vertical pixels, while simultaneously maintaining a frame rate of 10Hz
  • Picture-like resolution is achieved though 0.13-degree resolution over 40-degree vertical FOV, and 0.14-degree resolution over 100-degree horizontal FOV
  • Energy efficient, drawing under 40W of power
  • Sensor head dimension is 112 mm (h) x 145 mm (w) x 105 mm(d) (4.4 x 5.7 x 4.1 in.)
  • Applications include vehicle safety systems, autonomous vehicle systems and V2X (vehicle-to-everything) for automobiles, trucks, buses, trains and off-road vehicles
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