RHEINTACHO FE Series Speed Sensors

RHEINTACHO's FE Series speed sensors are available with three different output signals and are compact in size to easily fit into various applications.

Rheintacho Fe Series Speed Sensor

RHEINTACHO introduces its FE Series speed sensors offering a compact design and various signal outputs. 

  • Meets IP67 and IP6K9K protection requirements
  • Two different immersion depths,18.4 and 32 mm (0.72 and 1.3 in.), available as standard
  • Does not include connector integrated directly onto sensor body which increases flexibility and reduces risk that the connector is located at a structurally unfavorable point in the overall system
  • Connector can be relocated to a more suitable position, especially with regard to environmental conditions such as moisture, dirt/dust as well as vibration
  • Available output signals include 1-channel (for speed detection), 2-channel (for detection of speed and direction of rotation) and a pulse-width modulated current signal (also speed and direction, as well as diagnostic options)
  • Mechanical interfaces are identical, regardless of which signal option is selected
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