KEYENCE PX Series Photoelectric Sensor

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The KEYENCE PX Series Photoelectric Sensor is a rugged, high-performance sensor.
• Sensor heads carry an IP-69K environmental rating which allows them to be subjected to high pressure (1,400 psi) washdown applications, even at high temperatures ( up to 176 F)
• Stainless steel casing prevents damage due to vibration and shock from tools or colliding with other objects
• Sensor heads are backfilled with epoxy under vacuum conditions, filling every void in the sensor head cavity to prevent all-liquid substances and material from damaging the internal electronics
• Tough, scratch resistant lenses provide an excellent complement to the sensor when subjected to harsh environments
• Dual output feature allows the user to easily see when the sensor activates (Output 1) and when the low-light alarm turns on (Output 2)
• Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) function continuously and automatically adjusts the set point according to the environmental conditions
• Its high power MEGA mode can blast through dust and other types of dirty environments for extended periods of time even with significant build-up on the lens
• Low light alarm tells the user when the light level becomes too low for stable detection
• Customized save-settings allow the user to revert back to their own settings in case something is accidentally changed while troubleshooting
• Power-saving function automatically turns off the digital display which can reduce current consumption during operation
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